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The Adliswil–Felsenegg cable car (LAF) is geared to constantly growing market requirements. We do what it takes to ensure the LAF is clean and running smoothly and reliably at all times.

Regular customer satisfaction surveys

The LAF stands for quality. That’s why we gauge customer satisfaction every three years. Our written survey addresses such aspects as staff, timetables, infrastructure, LAF cabins, cleanliness, passenger information, ticket rates and customer expectations. We also invite passengers to leave their own comments and suggestions.

In our last survey, conducted in September 2018, the LAF achieved an impressive 9.0 out of 10.0 total possible points. We would like to thank you for the appreciation and trust you have placed in us, and view these results as incentive to continue to maintain such high quality.

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Why does the maintenance work take so long?

During the revision, we service our entire cable car system according to manufacturer or provider specifications. Certain aspects of the revision must be performed at intervals, whether the aspect being tested is a fixed-time or condition-based operation (such as performance in relation to running time). Much of this work is done outside regular operating hours. Involved jobs or special inspections cannot, however, be completed on either side of our regular hours. Which is why we typically halt service, Monday to Friday, for three weeks.

2022 audit
Next year’s audit will take place from Monday, 7 February through to Friday, 25 March. In addition to the regular maintenance work to be carried out at the valley station, both haulage rope deflecting pulleys, which date back to 1954, will be replaced. 

Why is there only one bench in the cabin?

When our two cabins were built in 2008, a second seat was not installed on the mountain side to conserve space and limit weight. On days with high passenger volume, the benches are folded up and locked. This provides passengers with more space and reduces overall waiting times (for either boarding or alighting) at both valley and mountain stations.



How are the LAF operating hours determined?

Our operating hours depend on demand. For example, before the timetable change in 2014, an average of six people travelled on the LAF on Sunday evenings between 8:05 pm and 10:05 pm. Winter mornings before 10:00 am are similarly slow. 

However, we noticed that demand for evening rides increases on Fridays and Saturdays in winter. After observing this trend, in 2015 we started running the LAF until 10:05 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

What about cleanliness of LAF toilet facilities?

Toilet facilities in both valley and mountain stations are cleaned daily. On days with high passenger volume, the toilets do, of course, see more use. Especially at the mountain station, visitors carry in dirt from the forest on their shoes. We are aware of the problem and aim to improve on this point, especially at weekends.

Why does the cabin feel a bit crowded at times?

Our cabins can hold 30 people plus one LAF crew member each. On average, we transport eight passengers per run. On busy days, however, we do load the cabins to capacity. If passengers are riding with prams or bicycles, our staff will reduce the overall number of people on board.


Why doesn’t the LAF run more frequently?

One run at full speed – including boarding and alighting – takes about seven minutes. The scheduled departure times every 15 minutes allow us to make additional trips (in case of heavy traffic) and still keep to the normal timetable.

«The warm and welcoming cable car»

Punctuality, friendliness, customer service – three values at the heart of the LAF:

The LAF runs like clockwork every 15 minutes between Adliswil and Felsenegg. And whenever things get busy, we switch to shuttle service so that all travellers reach their destination as quickly as possible.

Beyond the welcoming appearance of our cabins and freshly renovated stations, our friendly team are excited to share their passion for the LAF with all our passengers.

We aim to provide exceptional customer service at every turn. As a regional company, we really know our guests and do everything we can to ensure their well-being and enjoyment.  .

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