Picture of the LAF cable car cabin during the revision from above with a view of the winter forest in the background


To ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, the LAF system undergoes a comprehensive annual safety revision. Our team performs routine maintenance and makes any necessary repairs to the system, including towers, cabins, brakes and cables. The entire LAF is also given a thorough cleaning.

Due to major renovation work, Service will bee suspended from Monday, 6th March through to Thursday, 6th April 2023.

Employee Cristiano during the annual revision

Why does the maintenance work take so long?

During the revision, we service our entire cable car system according to manufacturer or provider specifications. Certain aspects of the revision must be performed at intervals, whether the aspect being tested is a fixed-time or condition-based operation (such as performance in relation to running time). Much of this work is done outside regular operating hours. Involved jobs or special inspections cannot, however, be completed on either side of our regular hours. Which is why we typically halt service, Monday to Friday, for three weeks.

Extensive renovation work will take place in the mountain station this year. In the area not visible to passengers, the cable deflection discs, the cable deflecting pulley and the tension weight will be replaced. The new tension weight will be equipped with hydraulic damping. This results in a more comfortable ride in the cabins. All components being replaced date back to 1954. Because the conversion is being carried out in accordance with the current state of the art, additional monitoring systems are being installed. 


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    Picture of LAF cable car cabin during revision from below
    Employee's Cristiano and Frank during the annual revision
    Employee Cristiano during the annual revision