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Here are the answers to our guests’ most frequently asked questions:

Are GA/Half-Fare travelcards valid?
Yes, the GA travelcard is valid without restriction. The Half-Fare travelcard may be used to purchase a reduced-fare ticket.

How long does the hike take to Uetliberg?
At a comfortable pace, approximately 1 1/2 hours. Hikers may walk along the ridge or choose the Planet Trail/Panorama Trail for a pram-friendly outing.

How long does the hike take from the mountain to valley station?
Approximately 25–30 minutes. Steep, with steps at the beginning, but manageable. Not suitable for prams.

How far is it to Felsenegg restaurant?
Approximately 5–7 minutes.

Are there toilets?
Yes, in both valley and mountain stations.

How many people does one cabin hold?
Thirty adults (+one LAF crew member).

Are the facilities wheelchair/pram-accessible?
Yes. Non-collapsible prams may only be taken in the cabin if space allows.

Are dogs allowed in the LAF?
Yes. The same rules for dogs and other pets apply as in the ZVV transport network.

How long does the LAF take?
Approximately 4–5 minutes.

Is parking free at the valley station?
Yes. There are 30 designated spots for the LAF, painted yellow, where you may park for free.

Where can I find more information about recreational activities at Felsenegg?
Info boards, flyers and brochures outlining all the region has to offer are available at the LAF valley station.

Are bicycles allowed in the LAF?
Yes, clean bicycles may be brought on board. A reduced-fare ticket (2nd class) is required for each bike. Transporting passengers always takes priority over transporting bicycles.

Other questions or concerns?

We’re happy to help!

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Picture of hikers with strollers on the Panorama Trail from Uetliberg to Felsenegg
Picture of a family hiking on the Panorama Trail from Uetliberg to Felsenegg
View from the Felsenegg