Our team

Picture of LAF team

At least one LAF employee is always on site during operating hours. Our employees operate the cable car system and help customers at the counter, via email or on the telephone. Skilled craftsmanship is required for our annual revision and for facility and property maintenance and cleaning. The LAF has four full-time employees. To cover all services, they are supported by several part-time employees. In addition, the LAF has one apprentice training to be a cable car operator (EBA).


Picture Andri Bisaz

Andreas Hosennen

Deputy Technical Manager

Picture Frank Kellenberger

Frank Kellenberger

Deputy Technical Manager

Picture Cristiano Monteiro

Cristiano Monteiro


Picture Michael Trummer

Michael Trummer


Picture Gian-Luca Güner

Gian-Luca Güner


Picture Claude Guggenheim

Claude Guggenheim

Temporary employee

Picture Nadja Nievergelt

Stefan Ilg

Temporary employee

Picture Martin Moser

Markus Kittelmann

Temporary employee

Picture Céline Firrone

Dario Müller

Temporary employee