Panorama Trail #Uetliberg – #Felsenegg

Picture of a group of girls at the top of Zurich

Looking for peace and quiet and natural surroundings, a place to catch your breath? Simply hop on board the red S10 to escape the frantic pace of the city and recharge your batteries atop Uetliberg, Zurich’s local mountain.

The perfect half-day trip

The white doors close. The landscape slowly glides by. There are fewer houses as the forest thickens. The sun flashes through the branches. Here and there, open meadows reveal a view of the city below. There are lots of people on the train: teens, parents and children, couples, senior citizens – passengers of all ages. 

Uetliberg mountain station. Passengers spill out of the train. Some stay together, others seek silent solitude and make their way directly up to the first station, the 871-metre-high summit of Uetliberg. From up here, you have a fabulous panoramic view over Zurich and Lake Zurich, all the way to the Glarus Alps and mountains of Central Switzerland as well as the peaks of the Säntis region. 

The summit also serves as the trailhead for the Panorama Trail, which extends about 5.7 km, with a manageable 90 m rise in elevation. Walk the trail in under an hour at a brisk pace, or allow yourself a bit longer to enjoy the many scenic views and other highlights. 

From its highest point, the path then descends to the next lookout point in the forest. The shade feels good and restorative. The path leads along gently rolling meadows and farmland. Just a stone’s throw away, paragliders launch into the air from Uetzgi Takeoff. 

The final climb up to Felsenegg restaurant completes the experience. If your batteries are still in need of recharging, sun yourself on the terrace or stretch out your legs beside the 120-year-old tiled stove. And when pleasant fatigue finally sets in, it’s not far to the LAF cable car. The LAF has been running since 30 December 1954, ferrying guests safely up and down the mountain every 15 minutes. Stress is quick to evaporate up here, whether you’re hiking, exercising or flying. This deep relaxation lingers as you walk the short distance from the LAF valley station to Adliswil train station and ride the S4 Sihltalbahn for just 16 minutes to Zurich Central Station.

360° Zurich

The new LAF and Sihltal Zurich Uetliberg (SZU) Rail hiking map takes you up to Uetliberg and leads you along the Panorama Trail to Felsenegg.


Purchase the Albis 24h ticket to access the Panorama Trail.