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Picture of hikers on the Panorama Trail from Uetliberg to Felsenegg, demonstrating the route as ideal for family outings

Looking for an unforgettable experience in Zurich? Look no further.

Felsenegg: the most beautiful view of Zurich for three generations running

Climb aboard the Adliswil–Felsenegg cable car (LAF) and soar silently up to Felsenegg lookout, situated 800 m above sea level, one of the most beautiful spots in the canton of Zurich, with unmatched views of the city, mountains and Lake Zurich. Whether you’re looking to take a leisurely stroll or lengthy hike, Felsenegg is the perfect place to start. 

Felsenegg restaurant: an eatery with charm and panoramic views Just five minutes from the mountain station.

After a long hike, a day trip with the family or if you just want to treat yourself: cosy up in the indoor dining room at Felsenegg restaurant, or enjoy your food and drink along with stunning views on the terrace. 

Welcome to the canton’s only cable car restaurant!

Uetliberg–Felsenegg Panorama Trail: the perfect half-day trip

Easy to reach with the S10 and only a few minutes from the heart of Zurich. The Panorama Trail extends over about 5.7 km, with a manageable 90 m rise in elevation. Walk the trail in under an hour at a brisk pace, or allow yourself a bit longer to enjoy the many scenic views and other highlights.

Felsenegg fondue: delicious fun for everyone

Felsenegg fondue is a classic insider tip that’s worth the trip. Leave your everyday worries behind as you soar silently up to Felsenegg, where sensational views await you. It’s just a short walk to Felsenegg restaurant with its famous panoramic views. Sip a cup of mulled wine on the terrace, overlooking the city and Lake Zurich. Treat yourself to cheese or meat fondue, raclette and other culinary delights in the cosy dining room. And once you’re done, the LAF will return you safely to the valley in just five minutes.

Nordic walking: fun and fitness

It’s more than «just’ walking»: just a few minutes from Zurich is the «Albis Nordic Walking Park», a network of six trails perfect for relaxing mind and body in beautiful natural surroundings. The starting or end point for all trails is the LAF mountain station, although you may enter at other points that are also well connected to public transport.

Space hike: explore the solar system without leaving the ground

An expert guide from the Astronomical Society Urania Zurich (AGUZ) will lead you down the Panorama Trail from Uetliberg, past all the planets in the solar system. You will also learn lots about our own planet. The two-hour hike ends at Felsenegg, where a delicious meal awaits.